Nissan Maxima

An oldie but goodie, Nissan is reintroducing the Maxima into the modern age-with plenty of brand new tech features, a fresh redesign, and safety components for an exceptional driving experience. With its original model fondly remembered as the 1977 Datsun, the Maxima has gone through eight reincarnations to being the mid-size luxury sedan model it is today. A Bluetooth®-enabled handsfree phone system and 9-speaker Digital Bose® audio system makes in-car telecommunication and entertainment a breeze. Heated seats and a dual-paneled moonroof brings comfort and a gorgeous view to every passenger, making the Maxima the perfect companion for a long drive. Front side impact air bags built additionally into the seat in tandem with roof-mounted counterparts ensures safety at every twist and turn. And did we mention the 7.7L/100 km fuel economy?

Welcome back, Maxima-you're looking good.

Date Posted: July 8, 2013

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